Does your constant companion have a coat that is difficult for you to brush? Do you dread catching and wrestling your pet when it is time for them to be bathed? Treat your precious pet to the grooming and bathing service at Chatham Veterinary Services, serving Siler City, North Carolina and the surrounding areas.

Our experienced groomer can trim your furry family member to your specifications. Our groomer can work with dogs and most cats at our grooming facility. Keep your companion cool in the summer and looking their best all year long by keeping them groomed and bathed at Chatham.

Bathing is also important for pets, as it not only keeps them smelling good, but feeling good as well. Regular bathing can remove unseen dirt and debris from your pets coat and skin, and keep their coat looking and smelling clean and healthy. Medicated bathing is also available for dogs that may be suffering from allergies or other skin conditions, and can alleviate some of the itching and inflammation associated with these types of skin issues.

Grooming is available throughout the year at Chatham. Our groomer is extremely popular and can book up fast, so appointments are necessary during busy times. When your furry family member is ready to be groomed, call the caring team at Chatham Veterinary Services at 919-742-4441.