In-Clinic Diagnostics

Blood work is the cornerstone of veterinary diagnostics, which provides valuable information on the overall health of a pet. Dr. Scott is proud to offer one of the most superior diagnostic systems available to our clients at Chatham Veterinary Services.

The blood work analyzers at Chatham include a complete blood count (CBC) analyzer, blood chemistry unit, and electrolyte monitor for the patients at our clinic. A CBC measures the number of red and white blood cells, as well as determines the number of platelets available in an animal. A complete blood count can determine many conditions including infection, dehydration, anemia, inflammation, and cancer. The blood chemistry analyzer determines organ function, including liver, kidney, and pancreas. Finally, the electrolyte unit at our practice determines whether a pet may be dehydrated and if fluids may be necessary.

The in-clinic laboratory at Chatham provides our doctors with the valuable numbers within a matter of minutes, so treatment can begin immediately if necessary. Our experienced doctors have many years of successful diagnosis and treatment of pets in Siler City and the surrounding areas, and they will bring the same level of care to your precious pet as well. Call us today at 919-742-4441, and become a part of the Chatham Veterinary Services family!