Chatham Veterinary Services offers a state-of-the-art surgical suite equipped with innovative tools to care for your pet. Prior to surgery, our experienced veterinarians always recommend running blood work on your furry friend.

Blood work can indicate issues that may not be seen by a simple physical exam, and it is important to know that anesthesia can be administered to your pet as safely as possible.

During the pre-operative procedure, it is recommended that pain medication is given in order to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during surgery. Remember, if it would hurt us as people, it will be painful for your pet as well.

As the procedure begins, pet’s vital signs including heart rate and blood oxygen levels are constantly monitored by one of our veterinary technicians. At the conclusion of the treatment, your pet will be kept warm and will continue to be monitored as they recover from the anesthesia.

Chatham Veterinary Services is prepared to handle procedures ranging from common spays and neuters, to more difficult surgeries like orthopedic or soft-tissue. If your pet requires a surgical procedure, call the experienced professionals at Chatham Veterinary Services at 919-742-4441.